The Friends of Sedgley WWW (FSWWW)

The end of the year is fast approaching and the version of that launched in 2012 could use some of that good, good FSW love heading into 2013. This is an open call to the tech-saavy golfers who would like to get involved with Sedgley’s online presence.

We are looking to form a group (The FSWWW) that can meet periodically to discuss projects and work as a team to get some big things done. If you are interested in helping, or even if you just think you’ve got a great idea for an addition to the site, please shoot an email to

A short sample list of skills we are looking for/projects we’d like to take on is:
– Site Re-Design: This near the top of the list. I would like to customize the WordPress CSS to give the site some actual style and get away from the out-of-the-box blog look. Master of CSS and site layout?? Pleeeeease get in touch.

– Tag Stats: Google Docs couldnt handle the first iteration of the stats I came up with…this will take some actual coding/database work (which has already been started).

– Online Store

– FSW Forum(s)

– Lost and Found: These guys are working their butts off to get discs back to people, we need to make this easier for them.

– Photos Section

– Graphics: Josh runs the show here and has been doing a killer job with it, but we can always use more input for artwork for shirts, discs, the site, etc.

Please be in touch and let me know the area(s) where you have interest or experience. Help me keep this site moving!


Thom B.

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