Happy Birthday Dave Prue

If you go to Sedgley today be sure to wish Prue a happy birthday and check out some of the new discs he has in the FSW “Prue” shop.

X Comets
soft Banger
soft Challenger
soft Focus
Z tye dye Glide
Z tye dye XS
glo Z Buzz
flx Buzz
Z Avenger SS
Z Hornet
Z Surge
Z Surge SS
Z Express

DX Rocs
DX Aviars
Yeti Aviar
JK Pro Aviar
Champ & DX Leopard
Starfire – Pro and Champ
star Kite
tye dye Monarch
tye dye Roadrunner
star Wraith
star Beasts
champion Sidewinder

RIPT playing cards

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