It’s Time for Nominations!

It’s almost election time. According to the Sedgley Woods Constitution nominations are to take place from October 15th to November 1st. Elections are open to current members until Thanksgiving day.

Rules are simple. Make sure that person wants to be nominated for the position. You may nominate yourself. Please only nominate 1 person per position. Nominations to be announced and seconded by Directors and Members on the November 3rd meeting. Any proposed changes to the FSW constitution should be submitted at this time.

How to submit your nominations:

In person. Simply write your nominations on a piece of paper and turn them into a current board member. Good times for this would be before or after scheduled tag rounds, and at the October monthly Sunday the 26th. You may also submit nominations via Facebook with a PM to the Sedgley Woods page or email to friendsofsedgleywoods (at)

BOD Positions/ Current titleholder

Executive Director, John “Stash”

Executive Assistant, Aaron Fahey

Secretary, Carly Bray

Treasurer, Dave Prue

Finance Director, Karen Flick

Groundskeeper, Jason Bates

Public Relations Director, Josh Hughes

Oversight Director, “Rome” Vernon

Course Pro, is to be Appointed by the Board of Directors

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