Sedgley Woods is a Buncha Ace-Holes

What a week for Aces at Sedge!

On Thursday during tags, Aaron Fahey hit #19 from the long (Red) tee. Josh H, Justin Case, and Caleb were on the card. The shot was a perfect high S hook anhyser with a Tee Bird that went through the protected trees and the top of the hill. Aaron wasn’t sure if it was in or not but it was confirmed by Miss Anne’s group who were walking from 27 when it smashed in!

On Sunday, Caleb Hoff scored a total of 2 strokes on #14 Blue and #25 Blue combined!

“I wasn’t in the best mood since I was playing like sh** otherwise. Both with the same disc though. Yoga matts Old champ wasp.” Said Hoff.

Aces Deuces for Life, yo. Send us your Hole-In-One stories and pictures.

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