Love Your Park Week at Sedgley Woods


Love Your Park Week was off to a good start with Saturdays Service Day. We planted a lot of trees and shrubs. The Memorial Garden was cleaned out and is now looking better than ever. Some of our fairways were cut and trimmed. Mulch was spread where needed, and we have all the new alternate baskets back in place. Great work, guys and gals.

11165304_10206735639733281_354027836360715177_nThanks to Rome, E-Man, Stash, Jennifer, J. Bates, Ray B, E-Bush, Tim Miller, Leo, Aaron Fahey, Matt I, Bob O., Dave Woods, Grizz, Andy King, Miss Anne, Melissa, Josh Hughes, Jen K, Dan Meers, Viking, Bcan Don, Caleb Hoff, Stu Straw, Brad Craig and anyone else that came out and helped on Saturday to keep our course looking great.

Here’s what we have in store for the rest of Love Your Park Week

Tuesday – $10 Random Draw Winner Take All Doubles at 5:30PM

Sedgley’s Josh Winer & Cultureal will be playing Free Roots Reggae from 6pm to 9pm. Ubahn 13th & Chestnut.

Wednesday – Introducing Weekday Workday Wednesdays, Hosted by the Sedgley Grounds Crew. More info TBA

Thursday – Gold Tag Challenge 3:08 Start, Arrive Early!

Great for Beginners!! $5 Pooled doubles 6:08 Start, Arrive Early!

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Glow Doubles – 7:30 $10

Saturday – Gold Tag Challenge – 12pm

Sunday – Gold Tag Challenge 11am

8th Annual PAWsome Doubles Reg at 1PM – 3PM Start

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