A Thursday At Sedgley

Good weather, good folks, and good times on another Thursday afternoon/evening up at Sedgley Woods.

“Time for your tears” Dave Woods checks scorecards as the tag groups are brought in.

With Arron Fahey hiding somewhere with the #1 tag, Murphy will have to settle for the #2.


Sedgley’s youngest regular hanging out with a few of her favorite peoples.

that old Goat

Dan the Swede

Randerson, Manzo, and a new Backbone! (Backbune?)

So then as the doubles groups were heading to their holes a super lound crack was heard and people scattered as the thick low-lying branch over the grill area finally gave way.



…Steve W made light work of it and now there is a new gallery bench for the gallery on 18.

and then as if the day couldn’t get more exciting, once doubles was wrapped up, Sedgley’s master juggler Rooster, decided it was time to light things up as he put on a rad fire breathing juggling show

Afterward Josh Winer gave the yell ‘Dollar and a disc, PUUUUTT-OOOOFF!”

and as ‘luck’ would have it, the old goat, Paul Fein wins another putt-off. I think he rolled over a whopping $3 and more winners could be heard hootin’ and hollering.

So there’s an inside look at just some of the fun we have on a Thursday at Sedgley. If you don’t come out for our Thursday league and or the doubles round that follows perhaps we will see you next week. Start time for tags will be 3:36 and the Ace pot for doubles will be $115+ See you there.

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