Weekend Recap: Workday Success, Birthday Fun, Lots of Visitors & A Win For the Home Team!

Wow, what a weekend! The chance of thunderstorms on Saturday held off and Sedgley Woods was ‘buzzing’ with a weekend full of various events in addition to our usual Saturday & Sunday tag rounds. A lot of work was done through the week and on Saturday, We had a Birthday Celebration, Lots of visitors and we even watched the horse race! Not to mention all of the casual golfers and their friends and family who came to enjoy being outside in the woods. It was a bit crowded at times. We could surely use at least another 9 holes, wouldn’t you say?

Second Saturday Volunteer Work day
So Aaron Fahey, Nick O, Hero, Bobby, Nick Knapp and others got a head start during the weekdays and on Saturday we had one of our most successful workdays of the year. There were at least 15 people signed in by 9:30 taking part in various tasks and projects. Kevin Gardner push mowed into the dark on Friday and was the first one at the course Saturday morning along with Chris Robbins who was a weed wacking machine! We now have a wide beautifully mowed trail that wraps around half of the meadow up to 23 and it’s looking really scenic out there at the moment. 23 is looking better than ever and even has grass on the fairway now!

tyler workday

Alex Caldwell, Matt I, Scott B, Steve, Viking and others walked and trimmed the entire outback. The walk from the ant hill to 25 is bearable again. Grizz, Topher and Jay Jay have the fairway of 9 looking nice and the Biko clan were out trimming walkways as well. Randy did good work around the bushes of 16 & 17. Dave Prue mowed a nice green around his new extended 7 pin. Jason Bates and Tyler from Dynamic Discs were in full force first thing on the practice area and 19. Stu straw came with his chainsaw and those guys were able to remove the fallen archway on 10 Yellow. Bro Mike and Caleb were also weed wacker powerhouses making their way all around the course. ‘Home Brew’ Matt, ‘Bench Maker’ Scott and others were over on 21 putting the finishing touches on Scott’s newest bench.

I know there are several more people I am forgetting to mention or who were on other parts of the course. Thank you for all your hard work, and we hope to see you next month. Keep an eye out for a formal facebook event invite as this seemed to really help make a difference this month, as did the mid-week meetups.


Dynamic Discs’ 2-Disc Challenge
It was exciting to pull into Sedgley and see the Dynamic Disc RV set up with bins and bins full of DD, Westside, and latitude discs as well as bags apparel and more for the 2 Disc Challenge. For $20 – $25 we were able to chose any 2 discs and play a doubles (or Singles) round on the original 1-18 Blues. It was Nick Knapp & Chris Robbins taking it down with a -14. DD TD, Tyler Searle put on a great show and made a special day at Sedgley even better. Oh and somebody got an ace I’m pretty sure.

Saturday Tags
10 – 18 Red odd Yellow even & 19 – 27 Blue all long baskets was the call from Caleb. Coef won the 1 tag shooting a -3 over Caleb’s -2 (with a bogey on the last hole) for the 4 tag. Alex was 3rd with a -1 for the 5 tag. Here are your top 20 as of Saturday…

saturday tag standings

Andy & Rome’s Birthday
One of our favorite days of the summer, Andy & Rome’s birthday bash a.k.a. ‘A Mid-Summers Night Jager’ takes place around the summer soulstice at Sedgley every year. Generally the weather is perfect for this day and this year was no exception. Miss Anne brought an awesome food spread of sandwiches, wraps, salads, meats & cheeses accompanied with full coolers of choice cold beverages. It was a treat for everyone! (So were Gales cupcakes.) Grizz, Chris, and E-Bush kept the grills going into the evening with barbecue chicken, ribs, and pork tacos and Sherman showed up with a tray of bacon wrapped Jalapenos that were a hit with the crowd.

caleb can jam

As they usually do for the races, Andy & Anne had the flatscreen out for the last leg of the 2016 Triple Crown, the Belmont Stakes. A handful of guys had some good Can Jam battles and then in Sedgley fashion there was a dollar and a disc putt-off once the sun set. Awesome day. Happy Birthday, Guys!

Sunday Tags
We played 10-27 Red Odd Blue Even with some really high winds at times. Caleb ousted Case by 2 strokes.

sunday tag results

Awbury Arboretum Folk Festival
…Meanwhile, North of Center City, the Friends of Sedgley Woods were represented by ‘Stash’, Dave Prue Lisa, Nan, & Karen at the Awbury Arboretum Folk Festival where they were able to introduce children to the game of Disc Golf.

awbry 2

awbry 1

Sedgley Host to the Great Eights League
On Sunday afternoon The Friends of Sedgley Woods were host to the 2016 Great Eights Travel League and welcomed 7 other clubs to our home course to battle it out with only 3 matches to go. Team Sedgley had a cold keg ready for the competitors upon their arrival as Anne and Grizz prepared meats, cheeses, burgers and dogs. Team Sedgley came into Saturdays match with a comfortable lead and extended it even more just one point and one seed win away for the first ever sweep in the Great Eights. All teams meet at Bootleggers Cave this Thursday, then a makeup date at French Creek, then the Championship Finals at Tinnicum. The winning club has the honor of hosting next year’s championship and bringing home a brand new basket to their course and team sedgley hopes to do just that!

great 8 scores

Keep an eye or ear out online or at the course. Upcoming events include our June Monthly on Sunday the 26th, The Annual ‘Lefty’s Luau’ 4th of July Celebration and our Next Second Saturday Volunteer Clean-Up on Saturday July 9th. This is in addition to our weekly league events. There’s always something going on at Sedgley. See ya’s around.

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