A Hot Summer Sedgley Sunday & the 2016 Ace Race


It was a scorcher of a weekend here in Philadelphia but that didn’t stop a nice crowd of FSW-ers from taking part in a late summer Sedgley Sunday Fun-Day. Traffic was exceptionally light on the way to Sedgley Woods presumably due to the heat. Normal people are likely to stay indoors where it’s cool and comfortable but Rome, Stu Kaplan, Chris Robbins and others were already on site setting up as golfers rolled in for what would be another great day in the woods.

Dave Woods hosted the 11am weekly Sunday morning Gold Tag Challenge. This was our 93rd tag round of the year. 10-18 red odd blue even, 19-27 blues all long baskets was the call. Knick Knapp takes another victory for the #3 tag. He is now in 3rd place with 307 points. 5 points ahead is John Murphy sitting in second place with 312 points. Murph is only 2 points from our current leader and past champion, Caleb Hoff at 314 points.

Top 30 point holders below:
0816 tags standings

As players finished their tag rounds and turned in their cards up front they were treated to a huge Sunday lunch. As she often does, Miss Anne had sandwiches and hummus/pita platters for all to enjoy. Becky And Jesse Fast added a special touch this weekend bringing their fresh free range chickens and ‘cooler corn’ straight from their farm.


Hats off to birthday boy & TD Chris Robbins for hosting this years Discraft Ace Race at Sedgley Woods! Thanks to help from Anne and Stu K his event ran flawless. This event sold out at 40 players packs this year. We received under stable mid to fairway drivers this year and overall the players seemed to like them. We played a mix of shortened holes throughout the original 18 and across the street.

After 2 rounds there was a close sweat in the mens division. Alex Caldwell Aced his last two holes to sit up top comfortably. That is until Nate Krahn aced his last hole to match 4 aces but had 6 metals over Alex’s few. Nate is Sedgley’s own Discraft Sponsored player so it was fitting for him to take down the win and in a true gentleman’s fashion he donated the first place bag and discs back to the club. Rev Ray’s daughter, Melissa tied with Jen Griffith with an ace and a metal each for the ladies division. Jeff Golden couldn’t seem to get the hang of the new Ace Race Discs but he managed to sink 3 aces and 3 metals to scoop the ‘throw your own’ side pot.


The ‘Sedgley Saplings’ were out in full force and as expected they all received a visit from Rodwa, our awesome resident Ice Cream lady. Always a treat. Birthday Boy Chris Robbins was presented with cupcakes made by his wife, Amanda and we all joined in for the birthday song. Happy Birthday, CR!

Thanks to everyone’s participation and donations these fine folks were able to raise over $200+ for the club at the end of the day. Contributions like this is what keeps Sedgley Fun Day events going throughout the year. Never take it for granted. Always ask yourself what you could do to contribute. Either by bringing a dish or by throwing a few bucks in the donation jar or simply putting in some volunteer effort in course maintenance. These and other generous efforts are the grease that keeps the Sedgley wheels a rollin’.

Keep in touch via Facebook, the website and on the course – Upcoming events include The August Monthly Sunday the 28th at 10am and the annual Milk-the-Goat Tournament TBA

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