A message from “Stash” your humble PR guy

Hey my fellow friends of Sedgley we are looking for volunteers to come out and share your knowledge of Disc golf with 2 groups of kids on Tues.July 26th @ 9:00 am till around noon.This will be with folks from the State of Pa. parks and a group from the Pa.Horticultural Society. Please help if you can as this is part of what we are all about let me know if you can be there.
-John DiSciascio
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  1. Robert Galdo says:

    Also, I have already left a post on the Sedgley Woods facebook page, but if anyone who has been involved with planning a course or someone who could look over a course design could come to Fort Washington State Park (10 miles away from Sedgley), it would be appreciated. We can work around your schedule and it would take less than an hour.

    Thanks, Rob Galdo

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