Information Reguarding FSW Elections

The Friends of Sedgley will be holding elections for Board of Directors.
All positions are open, they are:

Executive Director, Executive Assistant, Secretary, Treasurer, Finance Director, Groundskeeper, Public Relations Director and Oversight Director.

To nominate someone for any position first check with said person to confirm  he or she is interested in being nominated, all positions are for a 2 year commitment.

Once you get their approval write down their name and position they wish to run for on a piece of paper with your name and someone else’s name to second it.

The nomination process will be held for 2 weeks starting on October 15 and running through November 1. Turn your nominations in to any current Board member, they being Chris “Topher” Oxnam, Dave Prue, John “Stash” DiSciascio, Jerome “Rome” Vernom, Steve “W” Watkin and Becky Sonnheim. After nominations are collected there will then be an official ballot to be voted on by the members.

Official ballots will be e-mailed or handed out at Sedgley by Nov.8th and must be returned no later than Nov. 22nd. Ballots should be returned via e-mail or handed to a current Board member. Ballots shall be counted by 2 FSW members not running for elected office, they will be appointed by the current Board of Directors.

Get involved and remember co-operation is the key for any organization to accomplish it’s mission.

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