FSW Winter Team Challenge

FSW Winter Team Challenge
Coordinated by J. Hughes & A. Fahey

Check back often as details are changing to accommodate everyone as best we can.
Join the Sedgley Woods Team Challenge Facebook Group to keep up with schedule, roster and results. This is a good place to share any questions, concerns, and suggestions

Finally the long awaited highly anticipated Sedgley Woods Team Challenge!
This will be a fun event you don’t want to miss. Our mission is to make this as FUN and FAIR to everyone as we possibly can. We hope to accommodate EVERYONE so that all can participate. Message me with any questions, comments, or suggestions.

Here’s what we got so far:

8 Teams • 4 matches per week • 7 Week Round Robin Season
Every team will play one another once

At the end of the 7 weeks the top 4 teams move onto semi finals,
While the bottom 4 slug it out for places 5-8.

This will be a short Winter League season so we can work out the kinks and get a really good Spring-Summer League established that would run longer. There will be a big awards party at the end of the season.

**Please try and make sure you can commit to your match!!
Only 1 matchplay match every week. This can be done before tags, after tags, or at you and your opponents convenience.

(Ideally) All Matches should be played Sundays after Tags.
Not playing in the Team Challenge? This is your day to spectate and heckle.
If a player is unable to attend Sunday after tags they will have all the way until the following Sunday before tags to complete their match.

– Teams will play 1 match per week against another team.
– Team Matches consist of 5 individual matches or ‘games’.
– Games are worth 1 point each.

Players will play no more than 1 individual match per week.
Weekly roster is to be determined by Captain and his team.

Each player will be given his/her opponent’s contact info and should schedule their game at an agreed upon time that upcoming week.

Your weekly match can be played anytime from Sunday (after tags) to the following Sunday (before tags)

Rosters for upcoming week should be turned over to a coordinator at the beginning of the week as well as your teams results from the previous week. This can be done via phone, email or Facebook.

A full match must consist of at least 5 points played.

Game Formats:
Game #1 Singles Match play 1-18 Blue
Game #2 Singles Match play 1-18 Yellow
Game #3 Singles Match play 1-18 Red
Game #4 Best-Shot Doubles Match play 10-27 Red
Game #5 Best Shot Doubles Match play 1-9 Red 19-27 Red

Tiebreakers: are decided by your head to head game.
Scoring: The team who wins the best of the 5 points wins.
Alternates: we have not yet decided for certain a fair way to handle byes, alternates or a player that cant make a match in a given week due to unforeseen circumstances. This detail still being considered.

The Dates:
Sat 1/28 FSW Nice Bowl Monthly 10 am
Entry Money is DUE! + 1st week dues
Followed by the Captains draft at Cherry Street at 6pm

1/29 – Week 1 Matches:     Team 1v8      2v7     3v6     4v5
2/5 – Week 2 Matches:       Team 1v7      6v8     2v5     3v4
2/12 Week 3 Matches:        Team 1v6      5v7     4v8     2v3
2/19 Week 4 Matches:        Team 1v5      4v6     3v7     2v8
2/26 Week 5 Matches:        Team 1v4      3v5     2v6     7v8
3/4 Week 6 Matches:          Team 1v3      2v4     5v8     6v7
3/11 Week 7 Matches:        Team 1v2      3v8     4v7     5v6

Semi Finals Sunday 3/18 after tags?
Finals & Awards Party should be on Sat. 3/24th Following Tags

Other Dates To Remember:
Sunday 3/11 Daylight Savings
3/10 3/11 Sedgley’s Puppy Preview – Mr.DG – Kiltlifter open – Vibram qualifier
Sat 3/17 St. patricks day
Sun 3/25 Mr. Disc Golf – KOM
3/31 4/1 Philly Open

Entry Fee is $20.00 per player…. This $20.00 goes into the total purse.
Weekly Dues: $5.00 per player Per Week
In Total after 7 weeks: $55.00 (you may pay all at once, recommended not required)
Like any other sports league you will be expected to pay weekly dues of $5.
This is so we can have a reasonable cash payout for the top 3 teams but also to fund the ace pot and an awards party at the end of the season.

2 full weeks of all dues will go to a Sedgley charity TBD.

You will not be permitted to play your individual match until your dues are paid for that week. It should be the captain’s responsibility to collect his team’s dues every week or assign a responsible teammate to this task.

It is recommended that you pay your dues in advance to make it easier for Captains and TD’s but is not required.

Where do my Dues go?
Weeks 1-4 Dues:
• Ace Fund: $1.00 per week and is paid out at the end of the season. the money will be equally divided between all aces. If none are hit, there will be a CTP!
• The Purse: $4.00 per week goes to the total purse.
Week 5-6 Dues:
• Sedgley Charity: What’s a big tournament without a little charity. Dues from weeks 5 & 6 will be donated to FSW for a good cause. Perhaps first place team gets to pick the cause?
Week 7 Dues:
• Awards Party: Week 7’s dues will go toward food & beverages for the awards party to be held after the Finals on March 24th.

  Cash prizes to all Top 3 teams!!! All prize money is divided equally among teammates.

Projected Payouts:
1st – not yet determined
2nd – not yet determined
3rd – not yet determined

Selecting Captains:
Captains will be selected on previous years tags results.
The top 8 Sedgley players enrolled should be captains.

Selecting Teams:
Teams should consist of 5 guys and 1 girl. Teams will be selected using a draft.
The team captains will select a number 1-8 from a hat. That will be their spot in the draft. Draft to be held at Cherry street tavern after the nice bowl monthly on Saturday January 28th Although everyone is welcome to attend the draft, only the team Captains will be involved in the drafting process.

Drafting order..

Sponsors: Any support form sponsors can only make this event more fun and the players party that much better. If interested contact one of us with any ideas.

(Potential) Captains:
We need to determine our captains.
Please let us know if you are willing and able or not so we can move down the line.

1- Aaron Fahey – PAID
2- Steve Braud – Not paid
4- John Murphy – Not paid
5- John Bradway?? – Not paid
6- Nate Krahn – Not paid
7- Nick Schneider??? – Not paid
8- Jay Klein – Not Paid

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