BoD Meeting Minutes 1/9/2012

Friends of Sedgley Woods
General Meeting
January 9, 2012 7:30-9:00PM
Cherry Street Tavern, 22nd & Cherry Sts.
In attendance: Dave Prue, John DiSciascio, Andy King, Josh Hughes, Steve Watkin, Karen Flick, Jen Krivinskas, Mike Purkis, Bob Heffernan, Nancy Elias, Lisa Smith, Dan McGuire, Thom Bonanni, Eryck Bevan, Dave Woods, Jason Bates, Jason Robinson, Frank Anderson, Bob Olczak, Aaron Fahey, Danniela Cerrada, Beth Hutton, Emily Landherr, Dave Landherr

The general meeting was called to order at 7:32pm by President John DiSciascio.

John DiSciascio started the general meeting by introducing the new board members: Karen Flick, Jen Krivinskas, Steve Watkin, Josh Hughes, and Andy King.
The disc cow was also introduced, an indicator of who”has the floor” during the meeting.

Finance Committee

  • Dave Prue reported current balance for the the FSW account.
  • Karen is applying for the Parks Revitalization Steering Committee Grant-2012 from the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society for $700.00 for shrubs. The shrubs are proposed to be planted at Love Your Park on May 12, 2012.
  • There will be an ebay store run by Eryck Bevan, selling Sedgley Woods stamped discs. Eryck will also work on a method of stamping lost and found discs with expiration dates for sale.
  • A Disc Golf Museum Grant was mentioned- more informaiton.

Competition Committee

  • The Winter Team Challenge will run from January 29 through March 24, 2012. Tds are Josh Hughes and Aaron Fahey. An estimate of $300.00 will be raised for charity.
  • The Puppy Preview is March 10, 2012. Chris Poole is TD. FSW will need to decide how much from the budget will go to fund the event. 2011 budget for the event was $750.00. Motion to budget for event held until February meeting.

(Does Prue have record of how the money was spent in 2011? How much to food, plastic, etc) (Will there be a pro cash purse?)

  • Pawsome Doubles is April 22, 2012. TD is Emily Landherr. Men and mixed are $20.00. Women are $10.00. In 2011 $540.00 was raised. There will be the Ring of Fire putting contest. Layout is all 27 blue. It’s the 5th Annual Pawsome Doubles and Earth Day. Emily is making commemorative items for sale at the event.
  • Thursday Doubles starts late during the winter due to Thursday Tags. Tags has recently been moved to 12:00pm on Thursdays through February. A suggestion was made to start Doubles on time and have a sign up form with the layout on the board for later tags players.

Maintenance Committee

  • All maintenance issues must go through Steve Watkin. Alterations to the course must go through the board. Steve is back on clean up full time.
  • Holes 25 and 23 red are on the immediate clean up agenda. The fallen tree on hole 19 was also suggested to be moved. 19 red will be moved.
  • 2 turf tees will be purchased and installed at tbd holes and date. $300.00 was appropriated at the 11/22/11 meeting.
  • Love Your Park is May 12, 2012. Karen has suggested $50.00 be budgeted for water and snacks. Frank Anderson will try to get some workers.
  • Dave Prue would like to purchase new tables for events. Motion for $200.00 for new tables passed.
  • Andy King and Jen Krivinskas will work on laying and painting stones for directions through the course.
  • Dan McGuire would like to prop the tree on 1 blue which has fallen but is alive.

Communications Committee

  • The official Sedgley Woods website,, is up online. Josh Hughes and Thom Bonanni would like to have a website meeting with those interested.
  • Jen Krivinskas reported the cost of a Pennsylvania Historical Marker as $1400.00 or $1850.00, depending on size. A grant may be used for this. Jen and Karen Flick will discuss further.
  • There is a Sedgley Woods logo competition. The deadline for entries is February 12 at midnight. The board will vote on the entries at the February 13 meeting. Full competition rules and details are on the website. Josh Hughes would like to develop a Sedgley Woods flag for road trips.

Agenda for February Meeting

  • Budget for Puppy Preview
  • Vote on logo contest entrees

You can also download a copy of these notes for your records.

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