Ladies Tag Challenge

2013 Lady’s League Tags Information
Starting January 2013, all women interested will be offered a Lady’s League (Blue) Tag. These tags are free to all women. Lady’s League tags may be challenged either in lady’s groups or during the regular tag rounds. All women interested in playing with the Lady’s League are encouraged to join in on any trips and events. Lady’s League is open to players of all levels and ages.

If you have any comments or questions please contact Karen.

Lady’s League Blue Tags Details

  • The tags are numbered 1-25.
  • The one tag is worth 25 points down to the twenty-five tag being worth 1 point.
  • Each player’s best scoring tag earned in a month will determine their points for that month.
  • At the end of the year the three players with the most points will be crowned.

Lady’s League Tags challenge during Open Tags Rounds:

  • Open(Green/Silver/Gold) Tag rounds are year round every week
    • Thursday (5 hours before sunset), Saturday at noon and Sunday at 11 am.
    • Everyone is requested to arrive at least ten minutes early for sign up to ensure the round starts in a timely manner.
    • There must be 2 or more Blue tag holding women to challenge each other during Open Tags.
    • Upon arrival each player is required to sign in and hang their tag(s) at the Kiosk.
      • Blue tags are signed in along the side of the main tag sheet.
      • Green/Silver/Gold Open tags are signed in on the appropriate numbered line.
      • Ladies groups are permitted during open tags.  Please try to make your request in a timely manner.
        • Ladies are not required to play in an all-female group if they do not wish.
        • Blue tags must be presented to challenge in the Lady’s tags whether or not the players are in female groups.
        • End of the round
          • 1 Lady’s League player will gather all of the lady’s scores & distribute the tags.
          • Scores and resulting tags are to be reported to Karen (Email, Facebook or Cell phone).
          • Scores and points for the month will be posted at
          • Blue Tags numbered one through five
            • Must be challenged within a month from being earned.
            • If it is not possible for the player to bring the tag out during the next 30 days then another (1-5) tag will be presented during a Lady’s Tag challenge.
            • If two tags arrive with the same number, one will be removed and a lower scoring tag placed in for the days round.

Lady’s League Trips and Events

  • Lady’s League Tag holders may challenge each other for their tags.
  • There must be at least four Blue Tag holding women interested.
  • This may occur on trips to other courses or impromptu Lady’s rounds of 18+ holes.
  • The players’ scores and tags are to be reported to Karen.
  • Trip and event ideas are open for suggestion.
  • Ideas may also be posted on Sedgley Woods’ Facebook page.