Tag Challenge

Three times a week the Friends of Sedgley Woods play organized rounds known as Tags. At the start of the round everyone puts in their numbered “bag tag” and play groups are created based on the tags players come in with. At the end of the round, the player with the best score gets the lowest tag and on up through the rest of the field. The tags numbered 1-40 are gold in color and players who “get gold” will earn themselves points for that month. The lowest gold tag a player earns in each month will determine their points for that month. These points are tallied through the year and at the end of the year the top tag champion is crowned.

Tags can be purchased from a number of the regulars at the course (just ask around). They cost $20 a year and all proceeds go straight back to improving the course, so they are a great way to give back to Sedgley Woods and get yourself a memento for the year. Even if you don’t think you will play tags regularly (or ever), you should consider buying one to support the club that makes disc golfing in Philly possible. Each tag event’s field encompasses players of all levels, and you get to play with people of skill level similar to yours, so everyone is encouraged to join in. There is truly no better way to improve your game than these free weekly rounds.

See the weekly events page or the official Sedgley Woods calendar to find out when you can join in on a tag round. To find out more about exactly how the Tag Challenge works, keep an eye out for the rules and regulations page, coming soon.