Weekly Events

The Friends of Sedgley Woods is a very active club. Aside from countless casual rounds played every day, there are a number of organized rounds played each week, and you are encouraged to join.

Sunday Tags
Sunday Tags are held year round, every Sunday at 11:00 AM (must sign in 10 minutes early), except for days when a tournament is scheduled for that day.

Ladies League
In addition to participating in all of the other events, the ladies of FSW have their own weekly round, played at 6:00 PM every Wednesday while daylight allows. Women and girls of all ages and skill levels are encouraged to join this ladies round.

Tuesday Doubles
Tuesday Doubles is a $10 winners take all, random-draw, best-disc doubles round.  It is held during Daylight Savings Time only and starts 2 hours before sunset. While it is open to anyone who wishes to play, course etiquette holds that this event should be reserved for players of a higher caliber only.

Thursday Tags
Thursday Tags starts 5 hours before sunset during Daylight Savings Time and at 12:00PM the rest of the year (must sign in 10 minutes early).

Thursday Doubles
Thursday Doubles is all about fun! An extremely beginner friendly format pairs up novices with experts in a $2 pool-drawn, best-disc doubles round, where everyone has a chance to win. This the bread-and-butter of what makes Sedgley Woods a unique place to play, and if you havent played a round of Thursday Doubles, you’re missing out! Come join the fun, beginners are HIGHLY encouraged. The round starts 2 hours before sunset during Daylight Savings Time and at 3:00PM the rest of the year.

Saturday Tags
Saturday Tags are held year round, every Saturday at 12:00 PM (must sign in 10 minutes early), except for on Clean-Up Days (the second Saturday of every month) where the round starts at 1:00 PM OR days when a tournament is scheduled for that day.

Saturday Doubles
Depending on the turnout for Saturday Tags and the level of motivation of those in attendance, Saturday Doubles may be held after the tag round. The start time for this doubles round is variable, but is somewhere around 3:00 PM.